1993 |


The work consists of three acts, chapters, forming the whole of the idea. Matter and space - the construction of the World - space - a symbol of spirituality - soft cords under the weight "harden", stretch, create hard surfaces, lifting a soft line of stones, receiving hardness and weight.

The second part of the work - the surfaces of the stone, their inner polished sides are reflected in each other, the outer as if they bend under the gesture of a cord giving the appearance of softness, sand softly forming, stone particles yielding to foot pressure. Footprints in the sand...

Internal surfaces polished, hard, "granite" are reflected in each other, external - soft, give up, bending the gesture of threaded string, sand - a promise of stone breakup.

The third part of the work bears the subtitle - "SPACE" - pierced stones (an important gesture concerning all three parts of the work), strung on a rope, denying its nature, wound on soft wood, creates a kind of "bundle" (maybe Ariadne's thread ...)

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