2007 | Piła


The work was created in the Staszic's Museum. Two rooms opposite each other. In one form, ceramic and everything that concerns the "earth". I started with the casting at the intersection of dirt roads, traces left by temporary presence - vehicle wheel prints, footprints of shoes, rubbish, etc. I made an impression in clay and burned, "fixed the moment" Staszic was famous for "work at the base", he looked after people from the so-called low social conditions "visualized and sealed their value, humanity. I "closed my moment" in a kind of monument, "worshiping with light", On the walls I laid down the horizon line that marked my paths. Simple landscapes painted with unfired clay - not recorded. All ceramic set on a "foundation" made of demolition brick (also with memory).

In the second room I installed, as it were, a reverse, made of wax (paraffin), complementing what is materially missing.

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